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I studied in Italy for a while, drank a lot of coffees and learned a lot about public affairs, communications and la dolce vita

Selfdriving Car

I helped out the Connecting Mobility program and brought the self-driving car in the Netherlands a bit closer


I designed a trendwatching method for ICTU and carried out their first trend-analysis focusing at developments such as Big Data, IoT and Smart Cities

Hobbies include:

Travelling, football, politics, history, cooking, eating, good jazz, films and a little party every now and then

Diplomas and Degrees

Masters in IT-management and Public Administration, a Political Science bachelor, some good times abroad, and a good bit of Business Administration


WordPress, Google Analytics, Webdesign, Content Marketing, Social Media tools, Public Speaking, Blogging, Prince2, Online Publishing


Abuzer’s articles

Three ways the Dutch are rethinking traffic

Yes yes, I can hear you thinking on the other end of that internet signal “The Dutch are rethinking traffic? Surely they’re still stuck in the era of canals and mass-cycling?”   But no people, these stereotypes are antiquated, not only have we entertained ourselves the past couple of years with some trafficjams and high-speed train projects seriously gone wrong.

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Three Ways the Dutch are Innovating with Renewable Energy

A month ago I wrote this entry about how the Dutch were rethinking traffic. It had it all, art/cycling and smart solutions to old problems. And that’s just what the Dutch energy sector needs as well. Because if you came here for solely a ‘goednieuwsverhaal’ than you’re in the wrong place. How the Dutch are playing their energy game right

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Three Marvelous Innovations in the Smart City of Rotterdam

Once the largest port of the whole world, Rotterdam is now reinventing itself as an innovative and up-and-coming hotspot of Western Europe. You couldn't have missed awesome buildings like the Markthal, the massive 'De Rotterdam' and its grand futuristic Central Station. Buildings like these are only part of the vibe that propelled Rotterdam to the top of listicles by the

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Others about Abuzer

Enough about myself, here are some other people about me

Your Name

Online advice and innovation

Abuzer really helped getting our message of innovation and public-private approach out there online

Your NameYour Company
Sohela El Messaoudi

Trendwatching (and good fun)

He really delivered with his trendwatching method at ICTU, and also great times working with him!

Sohela El MessaoudiICTU
Sophie Boisvert

Digital Marketing

I loved working with Abuzer on DutchReview, he has excellent digital media skills!

Sophie BoisvertDutchReview
Jacques Smeets

Good guy, great website

25th March 2014

I liked working with him at PBLQ, but I love this website he has built for me

Jacques SmeetsPBLQ
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  • Universiteit Leiden

Hi I’m Abuzer van Leeuwen

Welcome to my website! My name is Abuzer van Leeuwen, born in ’84 in Rotterdam, living in Leiden, usually working somewhere on the trainline between Amsterdam and Rotterdam (and occasionally Utrecht). Since you’ve scrolled all the way to the end of this site you’ve seen a fair bit of my stuff. Want to start a project or just have coffee and a chat? Feel free to contact me!


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  • RT @freya_sawbridge: "Over the last few years, the approach has been changing. Instead of trying to keep water out, architects in the Nethe…

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 4 days ago
  • @Singelpark @PLNT_Leiden @bastiaanderoo Heee, mijn foto!

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 5 days ago
  • RT @robindelange: Meer dan 75 aanmeldingen om DigiDocent te worden! We krijgen veel enthousiaste reacties van leerlingen en leerkrachten.…

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 10 days ago
  • RT @bencoates1: Neat little @Dutchreviewing unroll of my wildly popular and unpopular Dutch-people-are-rude thread from last week: https:/…

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 11 days ago
  • RT @Dutchreviewing: We've scoured for the best of the best Dutch tiny homes and found out what it's like. 🏠 #tinyhouse #tinyhouemovement ht…

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 35 days ago
  • RT @Dutchreviewing: BOOM! Money well spent? #tourism #netherlands

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 38 days ago
  • An excellent longread and overview of the recent 'surge' of protests in the Netherlands and protest culture in the…

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 53 days ago
  • RT @Dutchreviewing: 70 people killed by a Dutch airstrike in Iraq. No matter how you look at it. This is just awful news and the Dutch gove…

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 59 days ago
  • @apjvalk En dan nog van die zwakzinnigen in Nederland die dit nog proberen goed te praten, die wil je toch ook niet in je buurt hebben

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 59 days ago
  • Ik kan er niet bij hoe mensen nog deze demente verrader kunnen steunen. Dan zit er toch iets verkeerd in je hersenp…

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 59 days ago
  • RT @debroervanroos: en misschien komt dit omdat 3/4 van de Nederlandse Turken op een dictator heeft gestemd, er kliklijnen zijn, mensen met…

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 60 days ago
  • RT @BrendaStoter: Hallo lieve mensen, ik heb jullie adviezen opgevolgd en eindelijk een donatieknop op mijn website geplaatst! 😀Je kunt mij…

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 61 days ago
  • Crazy news from the Netherlands

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 62 days ago
  • RT @Dutchreviewing: "This is a president with whom you can have serious doubts about the concept of 'ally,'" the former Dutch ambassador to…

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 63 days ago
  • RT @maartenbakkerch: Waarom geeft @Nieuwsuur zoveel ruimte voor het Turkse perspectief? Het land pleegt oorlogsmisdaden, vermoordt politici…

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 63 days ago
  • RT @HaraldDoornbos: 6/ De laatse Koerdische vlag voordat we de grens overgaan vanuit noord-Syrie naar Irak. Vaarwel Rojava, land met zovee…

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 63 days ago
  • Absolutely revolting turns of events in Syria and Washington and nobody can be silent about this.…

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 67 days ago
  • RT @Dutchreviewing: Breaking boundaries: that's what the Dutch are best at.

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 69 days ago
  • RT @Dutchreviewing: No stray dogs in the Netherlands! How did that happen? Happy #WorldAnimalDay all! Woof! #dierendag…

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 73 days ago
  • RT @Dutchreviewing: Political trouble for the governing coalition as the VVD had to kick out MP Van Haga after some shady affairs and drunk…

    Abuzer van Leeuwen about 83 days ago


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